customer enablement

Organisations that are disrupting entire industries are doing so because their focus is on using the digital transformation technology to provide an outcome that positively impacts the customers.  Yes, granted, they have also digitally transformed their internal business processes (or built digital processes from the ground up), but they have ensured that the impacts of these business processes are customer enablement first and foremost. 

This ultimately is the most meaningful measure of digital transformation success. Imagine for a moment, that you are the customer.  The organisation that you are dealing with has invested both time and money into developing a transaction process that is so easy, so frictionless that you know they value you as a customer, that they want you to find it easy to deal with them so that you’ll keep on coming back. 

They might even be hoping that you’ll leave a glowing review on their social media page or perhaps you’ll just tell your friends. 

As business owner’s or executives, isn’t that what we all want?

When was the last time you as a customer, posted a glowing review on social media praising an organisation’s internal processes for being digital and saving the staff time, saving the organisation money?  It just doesn’t happen.

Customer’s, and this is all of us, are interested in how your organisation positively impacts us, not how your internal digital processes are good for your organisation.

Our advice is to reframe the question from “We need <<insert technology>>” to “Our customers need <<insert service>>”.  Change the whole dynamic of your thinking, the approach, the focus of problem definition / research and the order of importance and priority of the requirements to be satisfied.