staff enablement


Imagine for a moment that you have successfully implemented technology that DOES make it easier, quicker and more convenient for your customers, well done!

Who else is the primary beneficiary of this investment? 

Your staff will also benefit from the same technology used by the customers.  Using the internal interface to those transaction systems that you’ve provided to customers will also benefit staff by being faster, easier to use, more convenient and depending on the business rules, may even reduce the need for human intervention for the majority of the transaction process. 

Allowing staff whose days were previously consumed with tedious process to actually start engaging positively with customers when the customer request is outside of the business rules and needs human intervention. 

The key benefit is not the productivity gains, it’s the ability of the organisation to make the work easier and a more interesting and fulfilling experience for staff.  Staff, just like your customers, will resonate with the investment in time and money to make their lives easier with a similar emotional response. 

It makes sense that happy staff supported and empowered with technology will have better interactions with customers, are more likely to go the “extra mile”, are more likely to stay with the organisation (and for longer) and generally will be a reduced management overhead and expense. 

You may even find (and we have seen this), that latent leadership skills are brought to the surface in the new culture, that staff positively contribute to the changes you’ve instigated to tweak and hone those changes to provide even greater value to the customer.