Design Agility
  • Experience Management & Design

In a crowded marketplace where your competition is able to match products, services and pricing, there is little to differentiate your organisation, aside from the experience you offer.  This is equally true when you are competing for talented employees, possibly even more so given they will be spending a significant portion of their daily life working within your organisation.

The question is; ‘how do you create an intentional organisational experience to attract and retain the best talent such that they deliver your intended customer experience in their interactions?

Equally; how do you create an intentional and branded customer experience to attract customers and build long lasting relationships?

As customers ourselves, we've all experienced companies that are providing a really special experience, an experience that meets or exceeds our needs. There’s just something that makes us want to go back. It is highly unlikely that these companies simply got lucky and landed on the right ‘experience formula’ and it is also unlikely that they are getting the experience right for everyone (because we all have different needs and priorities).

This is where Experience Management & Design comes into play by understanding the varied needs of your customers and employees and targeting your organisational capabilities and actions to satisfy the specific needs in a flexible and agile manner. 

Establishing an experience feedback loop brings the Experience and Operational data together in real time to create Customer Intelligence. Correlation of Customer Experience’s impact on the Operational Data will inform your strategic and tactical decision making and focus your improvement and innovation activities with agility, precision and a high degree of confidence.

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