Design Agility
  • Operational Capabilities

The management of a business’ operations is essentially the quantitative measure of the performance of the Operational Capabilities.

As executives and business leaders you'd be familiar with dashboards and scorecards that give insights into relevant performance metrics. Typical high-level metrics include financial, sales, manufacturing and marketing performance amongst others. These metrics are ‘output’ oriented, easy to measure but hard to improve or influence.

They are an after-the-event measurement – essential for evaluating progress but useless for influencing the future.

To influence the future, a predictive in-process measurement is required. This data is important, because it provides insights into the actual capabilities that your organisation has at its disposal and how, where and when you can improve.

The limitation of managing the business through the measurement and analysis of operational inputs and outcomes only is that it addresses the ‘how’ and ‘what’ the business can provide to the customer.  It doesn’t address the ‘why’ the customer would want to deal with the business.

Adding the extra analytical dimension of experience data provides the you with insights into the impact of your customer’s experience on your key operational metrics. It provides clarity and actionable insights into the value creation of improvements, issue prevention and novel ways to add value to your customers.

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