Design Agility
  • Organisational Coherence

Traditionally, organisational strategies set out goals relating to Operational Capabilities; finances, market share, product release, program development etc. – the strategy is internally focused with each functional area jockeying for a larger share of the available budget to “execute their strategy”.

Unfortunately, the traditional market no longer exists and your customers hold an unprecedented ability to research and investigate the experience of other customers before selecting a product or service provider.  Your approach to strategy also needs to change to reflect the new market.

Data captured from Experience Management and Operational Capabilities identifies the gaps between the customer’s and employee’s expectations of experience -  what is actually being provided and your organisation's ability to meet those expectations.

Organisational Coherence takes the approach that your differentiated capabilities (and experiences) will be in an aligned value chain, crossing multiple functional areas and your curated offerings. Each functional area is accountable for delivering their component of the capabilities through the customer-centric lens.

An important distinction from traditional strategic thinking is, your Organisational Coherence aligns the internal functions of your organisation in the delivery of transformed capabilities and curated products /  services to your customers. Each internal function is a ‘customer or supplier’ of another internal function. The result is a strategy that considers the entire ecosystem of the organisation and creates common purpose, priorities and goals.

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