Design Agility
  • Transformed Capabilities & Continuous Improvement

At this point in your organisation’s transformation journey, you will have an understanding of:

    • Your customer’s and employee’s expectations, attitudes and behaviours; and,
    • Your operational capability to deliver on those expectations.

You will have developed:

    • A coherent strategy that addresses the gaps between expectation and capability   
    • A strategic roadmap that closes the gaps and fosters alignment holistically across your organisation; and
    • A program of work to execute on the roadmap, realising the benefits promised by the research and organisational coherence.

So what’s next?

You could take a deep breath, relax and congratulate your team on a job well done.  The problem is that your competitors are still innovating, they’re still looking to increase their market share at your expense, the competitive nature of the market never sleeps! Unfortunate as it is, transformation and organisational change is the new normal.

The initial process of transforming your business would have established metrics in both your Experience and Operational realms. Moving forward, your imperative is to continuously seek areas of improvement and innovation. It only takes one other organisation to innovate, a new piece of ‘tech wizardry’ to be released, a new model of value creation to appear and the attitudes and behaviours of customers and employees shift, potentially to the detriment of the organisation.

Measurement and monitoring of both operational and experience data, as well as closing feedback loops are now business as usual for modern, competitive organisations.

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